"This is one snake that will make you ache in its wake! Its fangs can secrete a deadly poison, so take it out quickly! Drops antidote (20%)"
— The Mother 3 Guidebook
"Compared to snakes that always bite, it doesn't bite as much. But it does bite, so be careful anyway."
— Battle memory

Mighty Bitey Snakes are enemies in Mother 3. They can be encountered in battle in Sunshine Forest after the fire has been extinguished. Mighty Bitey Snakes are the first enemies in the game that can cause poison. They are later replaced by Slitherhens in Chapter 4, a more advanced chimera-type version of the creature.

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 32 which falls under Code Numbers 855 for regular attack, 856 for Smaaaash! and 857 for Miss.


  • The Mighty Bitey Snakes' overworld sprite heavily resembles a green-colored Rope Snake.