Mice are a species of characters that appear in the Mother series. Various mice NPCs can be found throughout both Earthbound and Mother 3. Some mice, such as the Rowdy Mouse and Greedy Mouse, serve as enemies.


One notable NPC mouse, the exit mouse, actually serves as an item. Some houses and other dwellings in the game house the exit mouse and its family.

Mother 3Edit

In Mother 3, friendly NPC mice are usually small and white, and can be found in many places within the game. The first mouse can be found at what remains of Lighter's shack, stating that it now needs to find a new home.

Some mice can be found in a room near the end of the Attic of Club Titiboo.

A group of eight mice - a mother and seven children - live on the Highway. If all the children are returned to their mother, the mother will give the party the Shield Killer.

After pulling Doria's needle, Lucas and co. run into a pink mouse The Squeekz; upon being defeated, he becomes humble and apologizes. He also mentions his wife and seven children that he left on the Highway, and can later be found with his wife where he had previously left them.

The last mouse that can be found in the game is the mouse on Locria's Level; he is Locria's pet mouse, and wonders when Locria is coming home, saying that Locria did not seem nice to most people and had a creepy "Nwehehehe" laugh, but was nice to him.

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