A map of Merrysville

Merrysville (サンクスギビン, Thanksgiving in Mother) is a town in EarthBound Beginnings. It is the home of Tinkle Elementary School, where Lloyd resides, and Sweet Little Factory, which produces most of the explosives Lloyd uses. West of Merrysville lies Podunk, the home of Ninten; for that reason, both towns play the same theme (Pollyanna).

Union Station is north of Merrysville, Sweet Little Factory is south of Merrysville, and Duncan Factory is northwest of Merrysville.

Mr. Mayor apparently is in charge of this town as well since an non-playable character tells Ninten that the mayor will likely leave the landslide alone until reelection time, and since there is no mayor living in Merrysville the role points to Mr. Mayor.

Notable Residents

  • Lloyd
  • The Janitor
  • Goldrich Duncan (Not Seen)


  • Merrysville may be Twoson's EarthBound Beginnings counterpart considering that they are both the second town visited (not to mention that the railroad track in Merrysville is similar to the road south of Twoson and both have the same use). Also, they are where the second party members of these towns reside.