Men's Room Sign
Men's Room Sign in-battle Mens Room Sign 2
Sprites Men's Room Sign
Appears in Mother 3
Mother 3
Status Uncommon
Level 57
Hit points 1222
Psychic points 358
Offense 99
Defense 82
IQ 64
Speed 42
Experience reward 3014
Wealth 200
Drops Magic Pudding (10% chance)
Vulnerable to Strangeness
Location Restroom Level of the Empire Porky Building
In-battle theme Mischievous Blues
"It boasts an instantly understandable design. If only it would wait to attack until AFTER people do their business..."
Battle Memory

The Men's Room Sign is an enemy in Mother 3, found only in the Restroom Level of the Empire Porky Building. It appears uncommonly on several of the men's bathroom doors and detaches itself from the door when approached.


The Men's Room Sign is one of the few enemies in the game able to perform PK Starstorm, making it quite dangerous. It may drop a Magic Pudding when defeated.

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 54 which falls under Code Numbers 921 for regular attack, 922 for Smaaaash! and 923 for Miss.

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