Mementos are items in Mother 3 that initially belong to the Magypsies. They consist of a razor and lipstick. When Lucas pulls one of the Seven Needles, the Magypsy responsible for guarding it gives Lucas their memento before vanishing. The memento will automatically revive the character holding it should they faint, and then immediately disappear from their inventory.

The names of the six Mementos are of the form "{Magypsy's name}'s Memento". There is a seventh item, however, called the Razor and Lipstick, that looks and functions in exactly the same way as the Mementos do. It is all but stated that this is Locria's Memento.


  • If the inventory of Lucas and co. is full when a Magypsy tries to hand the party their Memento, then the item can later be found in the house of the Magypsy, except for Ionia's due to the inability to go back to her house once the needle is pulled, as the party is taken to New Pork City soon after.
  • The power of the Mementos are similiar to the fairies from the Zelda series, except there are only one of each Memento.
  • When Ionia is found tied up on a bridge in Chapter 7, Ionia states that she is not able to fly without makeup on. Whether Ionia is the only Magypsy who can use the contents of a Memento to fly or not is unknown.


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