Mechanical Octobot
Mechanical Octobot
Sprites Diamond
Relatives Marauder Octobot, Military Octobot, Ultimate Octobot, Return of Octobot
Appears in EarthBound
Status Common
Nom de guerre Octobots
Hit points 768
Psychic points 0
Offense 147
Defense 176
Speed 43
Guts 24
IQ 8
Experience reward 10,480
Wealth $744
Drops Meteotite
Location Onett (after Ness's Nightmare is defeated)

The Mechanical Octobot is an enemy that appears in EarthBound in Onett after Ness has defeated Ness's Nightmare. It appears to be a green version of an Octobot. It is the second strongest of the Octobot robots. It basically is an exact replica of the past Octobots, but it has also gained a new attack. Aside from shooting beams and stealing your items, this menace can also place a mystical electric field around you that will instantly numb the party member it hits. Luckily, this move misses often. Take it out fast with your hardest attack before it has a chance to attack.

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