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Mecha-Lion Battle
Sprites Mecha-Lion
Relatives Almost Mecha-Lion
Appears in Mother 3
Mother 3
Status Enemy
Type Machine
Level 58
Hit points 989
Psychic points 9
Offense 136
Defense 111
IQ 56
Speed 51
Experience reward 4286
Wealth 372
Drops Cup of Lifenoodles 10%
Vulnerable to PK Thunder, Saltwater Gun
Location Empire Porky Building
In-battle theme Smashing Song of Praise

Mecha-Lions are enemies that appear in Mother 3. They inhabit the Empire Porky Building's laboratory area. They are fully mechanized versions of the Almost Mecha-Lion.


The Mecha-Lions retain the biting, poisonous stinger, and flame breath of their chimera counterparts, in addition to a more powerful variant of the latter. They also have higher stats compared to Almost Mecha-Lions, but also have lower HP, and retain the weakness to electric attacks.

Mecha-Lions also give out less DP and experience than Almost Mecha-Lions when defeated, but may drop a Cup of Lifenoodles.

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