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Sprites MechaDragosprite
Origin Drago Plateau
Relatives Dragos
Affiliations Pigmask Army
Appears in Mother 3
Mother 3
Status Boss
Level 20
Hit points 724
Psychic points 0
Offense 60
Defense 34 (after using the Drago Fang; before this, all attacks inflict 1 point of damage)
IQ 8
Speed 8
Experience reward 486
Wealth 0 DP
Location Drago Plateau
In-battle theme Fight with Mecha-Drago
"This vicious, mechanized monstrosity was once a friendly animal known as a Drago."
Battle Memory

The Mecha-Drago is a boss in Mother 3. While it was originally a member of a friendly species called the Drago, the creature was reconstructed by the Pigmask Army into a chimera whose fit of rage causes Hinawa's death and Claus's disappearance, though both acts were against the Drago's will.

The game's soothsayer, Isaac, had been the first to mention this creature, but he called it a "certain type of Drago". Despite the fact that he had not seen the Mecha-Drago directly, he had heard its fearsome roar from when he was collecting mushrooms from the mountains. Following the roar, the Mecha-Drago had slain Hinawa while she, Lucas, and Claus return home from their trip to Alec's house; it had bitten her (which in turn caused the heartrending screams) and pierced her heart with its fang. The fang would later be found by Bronson embedded in the deceased Hinawa's heart, then tied to a stick to appear similar to a javelin.

Later on, Claus goes to avenge his mother with nothing more than a homemade knife, but fails and is flung off Drago Plateau. While going after Claus, Flint encounters the Mecha-Drago, battles it, and defeats it with the aid of its own fang despite it unleashing a final blow (not unlike the Tree enemies found nearby). He almost delivers a finishing blow, but is interrupted by its offspring, and decides to spare its life. His decision is in vain, however, as the Mecha-Drago dies from its injuries after shedding a tear. The only way to pierce through the Mecha-Drago's tough hide is Flint's Drago Fang; all attacks before this only inflict 1 point of damage, and Alec will keep suggesting that Flint should use the Drago Fang until Flint does so.


  • Mecha-Drago is possibly based off Mecha-Dragon from the Megaman series.
  • In the Mecha-Drago's sprite, the gap in its mouth where the fang Flint is wielding used to be can be seen. There also appear to be scars of some sort: this was likely caused by the changes made to turn the Drago into a Mecha-Drago, or inflicted by Claus. While the knife he was armed with was unlikely to cause such scarring, it is possible that the PSI techniques that Aeolia taught Claus before he went to face the Mecha-Drago caused the wounds.
  • There is an unused sprite for Flint in which he stabs the Mecha-Drago with the Drago's Fang, meaning that Flint was originally intended to kill Mecha-Drago instead of leaving it alive.
  • Considering the metal platform (similar to the one found with the Reconstructed Caribou) that the Drago was presumably reconstructed on was broken by the time Flint and Alec reached it and the fact that the Mecha-Drago sheds a tear after being protected by the baby Drago (implying some free will), this might mean that the Mecha-Drago was an unfinished creation that went berserk.

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