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Master Eddy
Master Eddy
Appears in Mother 3
Mother 3
Status Boss
Level 47
Hit points 2563
Psychic points 500
Offense 127
Defense 81
IQ 58
Speed 52
Wealth 721 DP
Vulnerable to Thunder
Location Sea Floor Dungeon
In-battle theme Cumbersome Guys

Master Eddy is a boss in Mother 3. He is met at the end of the long Sea Floor Dungeon leading to Tanetane Island. He is encountered as the player is heading towards the shore, sucking them in with a whirlpool before attacking.

In battle, he can generate whirlpools that can hit the entire party. He can also use regular attacks. The Master is also able to attack twice in one turn. The signal for his defeat is when he generates a whirlpool with the last of his strength. This whirlpool will mortally damage the party (it deals around 650 HP of damage to everyone), and all unequipped items get washed away. The party is washed away as well, and they end up on Tanetane Island.

Misguiding GuidesEdit

In most guides, they say that you cannot defeat Master Eddy. Most players get the implication that they must truly die in battle before the last whirlpool. This is the wrong idea, as those guides mean that there is no experience gained from the battle. Instead, players must fight the battle as if it was a real boss battle, meaning that they must avoid losing.


  • Master Eddy bears a resemblance to the Sanctuary Guardians Thunder and Storm from EarthBound.
  • Master Eddy's name is likely a pun on the word "eddy", meaning whirlpool.
  • Along with some other bosses, Master Eddy has an unused back sprite, hinting that he could've been turned around.
  • If battled again via cheats, the whirlpool Master Eddy uses as his final attack will still inflict mortal damage to the party; however, the battle messages indicating that the party's items are washed away still appear, as if they were fighting him legitimately in the Sea Floor Dungeon.
    • This does not actually cause them to lose their items; the actual loss of items only takes place in a cutscene after the conclusion of the boss battle during the storyline.
  • Master Eddy has both of his arms at the same side of his body.

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