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Manly Fish's Brother
Manly Fish's Brother
Sprites Fish Sprite
Appears in EarthBound
Status Normal
Type Normal
Hit points 526
Psychic points 210
Offense 114
Defense 123
Speed 24
Guts 11
IQ 24
Experience reward 15970
Wealth $686
Drops Horn of Life (1/128)
Location Deep Darkness

The Manly Fish's Brother is an enemy encountered in EarthBound. It is a purple palette swap of the Manly Fish, and very rarely appears along side its "brothers" in the Deep Darkness.


Unlike other Manly Fish, they can wield PSI powers in addition to spear attacks. The Manly Fish's Brother can use Paralysis α, Hypnosis α, PSI Freeze β, which can inflict around 200 HP of damage to a party member, and Healing Ω, which can not only cure any status ailments the enemy party has, but also revives their fallen allies. It may rarely drop a Horn of Life when defeated.

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