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Mambo de Battle
Sounds so much like the Ramblin' Mushrooms of Earthbound.
Sound Player number 55
Code number 1964
Heartbeat code number 1764
Tempo 120 BPM
Enemies Beanling, Filthy Attack Roach, Greedier Mouse, Greedy Mouse, Muttshroom, Mystery Metal Monkey

Mambo de Battle is a in-battle theme in Mother 3. Like its name, it happens to be based on mambo, and a combination of an assortment of in-battle Spanish-based themes. It is unlocked via the battle against a Violent Roach, which is located in Osohe Castle by Duster in Chapter 2. With a colorful symphony, trumpets, horns, and possibly xylophones adorn this theme.

Mambo de Battle PlusEdit

Mambo de Battle Plus
Sound Player number 86
Code number 1164
Heartbeat code number 1864
Tempo 120 BPM
Other tempo 150 BPM at 0:19, 240 BPM at 1:07, 150 BPM at 1:08, 90 BPM at 1:09
Enemies Horsantula, Metal Attack Roach, Ramblin' Mushroom, Rooound Fish, Ten-Yeti, Violent Roach, Whatever

Mambo de Battle Plus is an extended and harder version. Extended parts usually have the same rhythm, but certain parts of the song that play 3 notes in quick succession must be hit accordingly. Unfortunately, whether it's an oversight or not, the player must press faster before those 3 notes start, often disrupting the rhythm completely. Hearing the song's heartbeat and learning it is highly recommended before trying to combo effectively.

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