Major Psychic Psycho
Major Psychic Psycho
PK Otoko - Kaku Ue
Sprites Fireplug
Appears in EarthBound
Status Uncommon
Hit points 618
Psychic points 574
Offense 145
Defense 152
Speed 31
Guts 1
IQ 24
Experience reward 39247
Wealth $862.00
Drops Star Pendant
Vulnerable to PK Freeze
PSI Starstorm
Location Fire Spring

Major Psychic Psycho are enemies that appear in EarthBound, and are encountered in the Fire Spring. They resemble a human with a suit made of purple fire and an HMD-like device over its head. They are a stronger version of the Psychic Psycho, only using PSI attacks.

Major Psychic Psychos are able to protect themselves with a PSI Shield Ω and can also wield Paralysis α. Lastly, they can wield both PSI Fire β and PSI Fire γ.

Major Psychic Psychos often appear in groups, raising the difficulty of the battle against them. They are vulnerable to PK Freeze and PSI Starstorm.

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