Magypsy's Home, Sweetie Pie is a song in Mother 3 that plays inside a Pink Shell when the respective Magypsy is home. New/Miracle Fassad plays a similar song on his horns when encountered, hinting at the fact that he is the missing seventh Magypsy. The song is a calmer variation of Magypsy Party.

Magypsy's Gone, Cutie-Pie

Magypsy's Gone, Cutie-Pie is a song that plays in a Magypsy's house once their Needle has been pulled. The layout of the song is the same as Magypsy's Home, Sweetie-Pie except without the saxophone melody.

Is It Just Me Or Are You Gorgeous?

Is it Just Me Or Are You Gorgeous? is a song in Mother 3 that plays in Mixolydia's house while under the effects of the Hallucination Mushrooms. It is a heavily distorted version of.

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