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Magman battleMagman battle behind
Sprites Magman
Appears in Mother 3
Mother 3
Status Enemy
Level 40
Hit points 594
Psychic points 150
Offense 135
Defense 72
IQ 39
Speed 40
Experience reward 1194
Wealth 278
Drops Double Jerky 20%
Vulnerable to PK Freeze, Feeling strange
Location Volcano
In-battle theme More Mischievous Blues

Magmen are enemies in Mother 3. They appear as a volcano with legs and a face, with a Pyrefly emerging from its spout. The Pyrefly indicates one of its attacks: to summon Pyreflies to the fight, which it will do very often.

His battle sound is Battle Sound 1 which falls under Code Numbers 439 for regular attack, 440 for Smaaaash! and 441 for Miss.

It's been speculated that this enemy is a reference to Kirby 64's Magman, a Lava being able to summon flying fire-based enemies, Burnis.

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