For the location in EarthBound, see Magicant (EarthBound).
Appears in EarthBound Beginnings
Governing Body Queen Mary
Point(s) of interest Queen Mary's Castle
Queen Mary's Fountain
Crystal Cavern
Magicant Coin Shop
Magicant Ring Shop
Magicant Pendant Shop
Inhabitants Queen Mary
Old Man of the Fountain
Mysterious Mimicker
Mysterious Goods-keeper
Legendary Bard
Swimming Cats
Flying Man
Items Big Bag
Magic Herb
Magic Candy
Magic Ribbon
Red Weed
Enemies Big Woodoh
Magic Snail
Raeb Yddet
Sky Yddet

Magicant is a location in EarthBound Beginnings and is the haven of Queen Mary. When Ninten and his friends arrive, the Queen is suffering from amnesia. After gaining all Eight Melodies this amnesia dissipates and she remembers she is actually Maria, and it is revealed that Magicant is simply a product of Maria's consciousness.


Magicant is a significant place in the game and Ninten and his friends will have to return here often. It contains the Crystal Cavern as well as Queen Mary's Castle and a variety of shops and inhabitants. These include the Mysterious Mimicker, who acts as a telephone, and the Mysterious Goods-keeper, who acts as item storage. Other inhabitants are the Legendary Bard, the Swimming Cats and the Old Man of the Fountain. As his name suggests he is the spirit of Queen Mary's Fountain and acts as a withdrawal-only ATM. He will also heal Ninten and friends and Flying Men.


Red Weeds can be found around Magicant. These can be collected and brought to the Fountain to be turned into Magic Herbs. If Ninten loans his ATM card to one of the inhabitants, they will give him a Big Bag containing 30 Magic Herbs that can be replenished this way.

Magicant is also host to a variety of weird and wonderful enemies that do not appear anywhere else. Big Woodohs, Dadseyes, Foureyes, Grouchos, Magic Snail, Momseyes, Raeb Yddets, Sky Yddets, Watchers and Woodohs are all found here


Magicant Coin Shop

Magicant Ring Shop

Magicant Pendant Shop


Magicant is possibly a portmanteau of the words magic and significant.

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