The Magic Truffle is an item in EarthBound found primarily in Deep Darkness by using the Piggy Nose, after much searching. It recovers around 80 PP, which is the most out of any other PP-recovery item in the game. It can also be received from a man in the Twoson hospital in return for the Insignificant Item, which can be found by checking the drawers in the hospital at Threed. Since the Magic Truffle replenishes the most PP in the game compared to other items, it is extremely rare and valued, similar to a real-life truffle.


  • A glitch exists which allows the item to be used infinitely considering the player has access to Ketchup Packets. To perform the glitch, the player must have the Truffle along with a good supply of Ketchup Packets. Use the Give command on the current holder so that the Truffle is the last item in their inventory. Further usage of the Truffle in battle will consume a Ketchup Packet, but not the Truffle as long as it isn't used outside of battle.