Magic Pudding
Magic Pudding
Appears in EarthBound
Mother 3
Type Food
Cost $680
Sells for $340
Heals 40 PP
Best Condiments Sugar Packet
Found Magicant
Description Recovers about 40 PP.
Mother 3
Cost 600 DP
Sells for 300 DP
Heals 40 PP
Dropped from Fenomeno (20%), Men's Room Sign (10%), Unwelcome Gust (5%)
Description Pudding that wobbles on its own. Restores 40 PP.

Magic Pudding is a food item in both EarthBound and Mother 3. In both games it recovers around 40 PP. In EarthBound, it can be found in the gift boxes in Magicant , as well as bought from the store there. If used with the sugar packet, it will recover more than 40 PP. In Mother 3, Magic Puddings can be found in random gift boxes across the region. They also have a 20% chance of being dropped by Fenomeno, a 10% chance of being dropped by the Men's Room Sign, and a 5% chance of being dropped by the Unwelcome Gust.

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