"Ha! We ain't gonna let this Porky freak have his way!"
— Magic, while defeating a Mecha-Porky

Magic is the guitarist of the band DCMC in Mother 3, and it is likely that he was going to be the guitarist for DCMC in EarthBound 64. In a game of Stone-Sheet-Clippers that the DCMC frequently plays, he always picks Stone. When the DCMC first find out that Duster has arrived at the Empire Porky Building, Magic excitedly tells Duster that they missed him and asks how he's been. He also says that while he does not know who Porky is, nothing can scare a reunited DCMC. After Porky stops the DCMC's final concert, he ponders afterwards if Porky would have let the show continue if they had played Porky's lullaby song or something instead. He is last seen in Porky's throne room, where he defeats a Mecha-Porky by himself while exclaiming that they are not going to let "this Porky freak" have his way.

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