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Mad Taxi
Clay madtaxi
Sprites Mad Taxi
Taxi Sprite
Relatives Mad Car,

Devil Car (Psycho Car)

Appears in EarthBound
Status Normal
Hit points 253
Psychic points 0
Offense 53
Defense 68
Speed 38
Guts 5
Experience reward 2336
Wealth $216
Drops Xterminator Spray (1/128)
Location Fourside

Mad Taxis are enemies in EarthBound. They appear in Fourside and Summers. Their main attack has them "rev and accelerate", and they can cause Uncontrollable crying by spewing fumes. They can appear alone or with a Crazed Sign to help them in battle, and they have a 1/128 chance of dropping an Xterminator Spray. The Mad Taxis seem to fit in the family of Mad Cars from Mother 1 which all use the Hippie theme.

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