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Affiliations Magypsies
Location Snowcap Mountain
Appears in Mother 3
Lydia is the Magypsy of Snowcap Mountain. He often thinks that he is a horrible Magypsy because he worries too much and a Magypsy shouldn't interfere or at least opinionate about the seven needles. He thought "The Time" would never come, contributing to his thinking he is a bad Magypsy.

Lydia's Needle Edit

Lydia's needle is placed right behind his house. It's not heavily guarded or hidden very well, making it an easy needle to pull.

Personality Edit

Lydia is a nice and caring, no matter who is in trouble he still cares for them. He reveals his needle to a pigmask, when he took him in and cared for him when he got hurt. He also cares for white bunnies that live in Snowcap Mountain and also builds the talking snowmen there.

Appearance Edit

Lydia is almost completely bald, with the exception of around the bottom and the back of his head. He wears a yellow, puffy coat with a white trim. Like all Magypsies, he has pink hair and wears makeup.

Happy Ending Edit

When he goes away, he holds out his hands as if hugging, and he says "Byebee!♥ Send hugs and kisses for the next Magypsy for meeee!♥".

Before he does leave, he says "Oh and ask that man what he wants to do now." If you do, he says he will take care of the bunnies. And if you run, he tells you to stop, for the sake of accidentally stepping on a bunny.

Soon after, go above to the top of the mountain, and you can find a white box that Lydia says you should use to get back to Tazmily. The white box is actually a white refrigerator that falls off the mountain, sending you flying back to the Graveyard.

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