The Luxury Banana is a health recovery item in Mother 3, restoring approximately 120 HP to the character it is used on during and outside of battles. However, in the plot of Mother 3, their ability to make a character of Pork Bean slip when running or driving over one is used repeatedly; they are also repeatedly used or referenced in conjunction with Fassad, as he is repeatedly shown to love Luxury Bananas. It is implied that Ancient Bananas are simply Luxury Bananas that have gone rotten, as they lose the ability to heal a character but can be used in-battle to make an enemy slip and take damage.

Plot-Related Uses

  • When following Salsa, Fassad will occasionally peel a banana or feel cheered up by one during a battle.
  • There is a Gift box in the Death Desert that, if opened, Salsa will receive a Luxury Banana that Fassad will automatically steal from him.
  • Lucas and friends, after being confused with the Masked Man, are given a Pork Bean by a Pigmask that they promptly crash into the side of a cliff after driving over a Luxury Banana's peel.
  • Fassad falls off Thunder Tower when a tremble in the tower makes him stumble into his own Luxury Banana peel.
  • New Fassad and Miracle Fassad will occasionally use a Luxury Banana in battle to restore their health.
  • Luxury Bananas in Gift boxes and crates can be found all over Locria's Level. However, only the Luxury Bananas in Gift boxes can be taken; inspecting a crate simply gives the message "There's a wooden box here. The scent of bananas wafts from it."

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