The Lumine Hall (sometimes called Lumine Hole due to a translation oversight) is the seventh "Your Sanctuary" location in EarthBound. It is guarded by the Electro Specter. As implied by its name, the inside of the sanctuary is full of light. In this sanctuary, Ness sees a vision of his father holding him as a baby. Ness' thoughts, for some reason, appear to be encrypted in the walls. The only way out of the Lumine Hall and to the Fire Spring is a hole leading to the Lost Underworld.

Ness' thoughts projected on the walls in Lumine Hall read "I'm Ness.... It's been a long road getting here... Soon, I'll be... Soon, I'll be... Soon, I'll be... What will happen to us? W... What's happening? My thoughts are being written out on the wall... or are they?" After the thoughts have stopped projecting onto the wall, Ness sees the vision of his father and the Sound Stone records the melody of Lumine Hall.



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