Love Walker
Love Walker In-Battle Love Walker 2
Sprites Love Walker Overworld
Affiliations Pigmask Army
Appears in Mother 3
Mother 3
Status Normal
Type Strange creature
Level 56
Hit points 847
Psychic points 300
Offense 132
Defense 77
IQ 68
Speed 53
Experience reward 3316
Wealth 121 DP
Drops Goddess Ribbon (3% chance)
Vulnerable to PK Fire (slight)
Location Porky's Bath Level of the Empire Porky Building
In-battle theme More Mischievous Blues
"Its engine runs on a deep, passionate yearning to meet people and find out about them."
Battle Memory

The Love Walker is an enemy in Mother 3. It appear in Porky's Bath Level of the Empire Porky Building, which is still under construction. They only move horizontally, making them easy to avoid.

These circular enemies have four legs, with large lips on the front of its body and the word "LOVE" on its back. Despite its Battle Memory quote referring to an engine, Boney's Sniff ability classifies it as a strange creature.

This enemy is likely based off one of the posters for the American movie Cabaret (also known as Kabaret). It features a face with a wide open mouth in the middle of four legs that appear similar to the Love Walker's.


The Love Walker can kick for moderate damage, and can cause nausea with an unwanted kiss. It can also put up an Ω-level Counter around the enemy party, and wields powerful PK Fire attacks (γ and Ω).

The Love Walker is slightly weak to fire, although it's terrible defense makes bashing it a viable strategy. It has a small chance of dropping the rare Goddess Ribbon upon defeat.

Her battle sound is Battle Sound 1 which falls under Code Numbers 439 for regular attack, 440 for Smaaaash! and 441 for Miss.


  • The Love Walker forms a swastika, since the movie it references takes place in Nazi Germany. However, when turned around in battle is is in the shape of a Manji, a Buddhist symbol of luck. This was most likely intentional, to avoid controversy.
    • The Love Walker is the second reference to Nazism in the series, the first being the Pigmask Army (especially through their mimicry of the Hael salute).

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