Locria's House

Locria's Pink Shell House. Note the desert background.

Inside Locria's House

Inside Locria's House. There are many of Fassad's belongings here, including bananas.

Locria's Level is a location in Mother 3. It is found in the Empire Porky Building, and the level is home to the final Magypsy, Locria.

It is here where there are many hints telling that the Pigmask Army's peddler, Fassad, is actually the seventh and traitorous Magypsy. For example, the room has a desert background; there is even real sand on the floors. Inside the pink shell house, crates and Gift boxes full of Luxury Bananas (and one Ancient Banana) are found and peels have been left on the ground; these are known to be a favorite of Fassad's, and he is seen repeatedly dropping peels. On the bed, Fassad's clothing are found lying there. His pair of horns as his time as New Fassad and Miracle Fassad are kept on the table.

Locria's pet mouse is found near the elevator. The mouse explains Locria's personality which is similar to Fassad's:"He didn't seem like a good person to most and had this creepy "Nwehehehe" laugh, but at least he was nice to me."


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