This is a list of characters who appear in EarthBound Beginnings

Playable characters Edit

Ninten Edit



Ninten (ニンテン) is the first controllable character in EarthBound Beginnings. He has psychic abilities accompanied with a mysterious background. His stats are all balanced, going up by an average of 2.5 for offense, defense, speed, fight, force, strength and wisdom. As a result, at Level 99, it is likely that most/all of his stats will max out.

In the prologue sequence of EarthBound Beginnings, Ninten must control the influences of a mischievous poltergeist on the ornaments within his house. Examples of such items under the control of the poltergeist include a lamp and a doll, both of which Ninten must battle. After that he is set to investigate the origin of these strange phenomena, which also occur in the rest of the world, that are actually caused by Giegue.

Ninten's equivalent in EarthBound Beginnings' sequel, EarthBound, is said to be Ness. Both Ninten and Ness share similar roles in their corresponding games, in addition to having similar appearances. These similarities extend to both characters having names relating to Nintendo (Ninten being the first two syllables of the company name, and Ness an anagram of the acronym for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, SNES, and an alternate spelling of the acronym for the original Nintendo Entertainment System, NES). The most notable difference is that Ninten has asthma while Ness suffers from homesickness. One of the most curious connections between the two characters lie in Ness' Magicant, where he rediscovers his childhood. Ness makes his way towards the memories of his home, which in his mind looks similar to Ninten's.

Lloyd Edit

Lloyd Clay trans


Lloyd (ロイド Roido) is one of the major characters of EarthBound Beginnings. Lloyd is considered the weakling among Ninten's teammates (as well as Lloyd's own schoolmates) and usually uses guns to substitute for his weak physical strength. His offense power increases little by little as the game progresses, rounding him out to be the second weakest character. Lloyd is unable to use any PSI powers, though his greater range of attack items helps to balance this out. He is the only character in the game who can use more powerful attack items, such as bottle rockets and bombs. In the beginning, Lloyd was considered a nerdy boy that no one was fond of and was picked on by the other children. Because of this, Lloyd usually hides in the garbage to avoid people picking on him. He finally joins Ninten's team after Ninten shows him some bottle rockets.

Lloyd's equivalent in EarthBound Beginnings' sequel, EarthBound, is said to be Jeff Andonuts. Both Lloyd and Jeff share similar roles in their corresponding games, in addition to having similar appearances. These similarities extend to both characters being very intelligent, skilled at building inventions and wearing glasses. The only real noticeable differences are the colors of their hair (Lloyd's is white and Jeff's is blonde), and that Jeff is actually respected by his peers.


Ana Clay Model transparent


Ana (アナ Ana) is one of the major characters of Earthbound Beginnings and has a crush on the game's protagonist, Ninten. Ana is considered as a stereotypical heroine with weak physical strength, similar to Princess Peach from the Super Mario Bros. series. She attacks using her frying pans along with many powerful PSI spells. Before joining Ninten, Ana lived along with her father in Snowman where she was famous for her psychic powers. She reveals later in the game that she has feelings for Ninten, although it is unclear whether she and Ninten remain together after the game's events.

Ana's equivalent in EarthBound Beginnings' sequel, EarthBound, is said to be Paula. Both Ana and Paula share similar roles in their corresponding games, in addition to having similar appearances. These similarities extend to both characters being wearing a pink dress and being considered a skilled psychic, though Ana also wears a hat, which is required to find in order to for her to join Ninten's team. The choice for both names may be a pun on the word "pollyanna."


Teddy Clay


Teddy (テディ Tedi) is one of the major characters of EarthBound Beginnings. Though he has no knowledge of PSI, he does have enormous physical strength, as well as an arsenal of swords and knives at his disposal.

In the game, it is revealed that Teddy's parents were killed by mountain beasts, forcing Teddy to become self-dependent. Later on, he became the leader of the Bla Bla Gang, a notorious gang in Ellay, though once he sees the power of Ninten, he decides to join Ninten's group to avenge his parents, replacing EarthBound Beginnings. Later at the game, he is severely injured, which forces him to leave the team. His place is filled by Lloyd again.

Teddy's equivalent in EarthBound Beginnings' sequel, EarthBound, is said to be Poo. While they have very different character designs, similarities exist between each other's attacks, high stats, and short level-ups.

Temporary teammatesEdit




Pippi is a young girl who wandered from her home to the cemetery south of Podunk. Ninten is requested by the town's mayor to rescue her. After Pippi is rescued, she asks Ninten two "yes or no" questions. If she doesn't consider them as rude, she will give him the Franklin Badge, an item that deflects the PK Beam r attack. Once she is brought to the mayor's office, she will leave the party and the mayor will give Ninten $100, and the mayor's assistant, Abbott, will give Ninten the zoo key.

It was recently discovered that, by using a save state hacker, it is possible to obtain the zoo key and keep Pippi through the whole game. This can be complicated, since the fourth character's name and stats can not be seen either in battle or out of battle. Also interesting is Pippi's phenomenal stat growth; she exponentially outgrows even Ninten in every area, save for PSI and Wisdom. This happens because she has exactly the same stats as Teddy.

Flying Men Edit


The Flying Men live together in a small house north of Magicant. If Ninten talks to one of them, he will join the party until his hit points run out. Once a Flying Man is gone, he cannot be revived and will be buried by his home. There are five in all, and only one can be in the party at a time.

EVE Edit



EVE is a robot created by George, to assist Ninten and his friends at a certain point in the game. After being broken, EVE gives you the second-to-last melody.

Other characters Edit

Giegue Edit

Giygas In-Battle Mother


Giegue (ギーグ Gīgu, Gyiyg, known later as Giygas) is the prime antagonist of Mother. He was raised by Maria, a woman abducted along with her husband George from Earth by Giegue' alien race in the early 1900's. George studied the aliens' PSI powers without permission, and escaped back to Earth. Once he matured, Giegue was tasked by his people to make sure that PSI never spread onto Earth. However, Giegue didn't want to betray those who raised him, particularly his beloved Maria. In the end, he forced himself to detach from Maria, and began preparations for the aliens' invasion. Many years later, he starts the invasion, and is eventually confronted by the great-grandson of Maria and George, Ninten, and his companions. By singing a song once known by Maria and Giegue, the loving memories he had tried so hard to suppress weaken him. Giegue eventually surrenders, but promises revenge upon Ninten someday, and flies away.

His weakness is the Eight Melodies found throughout the game. Once the special "Sing" command is used on him enough times, he is defeated, and the game ends.

Giegue returns in EarthBound Beginnings' sequel, EarthBound, as Giygas, in a much more deranged state where his raw power and grief has completely destroyed his mind.

Maria Edit



Maria, also known as Queen Mary, is the wife of George, with whom she is abducted from Earth by Giegue's race in 1906. There, Maria raises one of the aliens, Giegue, while her husband studies PSI without the race's permission; George later escapes back to Earth in 1908 without Maria, who is never seen again.

During Ninten's visit to Magicant, an area created via Maria's subconscious, Maria is revealed to be the true identity of Queen Mary, who suffers from amnesia until Ninten and friends restore her memories by reciting her favorite lullaby, the Eight Melodies. Maria reminisces how while she was under the abduction of Giegue's race, she would sing the melody to Giegue, whom she raised from infancy and loved like he was her own child. She decides that because her amnesia has been remedied, she can now rest in peace with George.

George Edit

George is the husband of Maria, with whom he is abducted from Earth by Giegue's race in 1906. While Maria raises Giegue, George studies PSI without the permission of Giegue's race, angering their empire due to the chance it could be used to threaten the existence Giegue's race, ultimately causing the events of both Earthbound Beginnings and Earthbound. George escapes back to earth in 1908 without Maria and writes his own diary, which is found by George's great-grandson, Ninten, 80 years later in his own basement.

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