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Lilliput Steps is the second "Your Sanctuary" location in EarthBound. Located in a cave east of Happy Happy Village, the guardian of this sanctuary is Mondo Mole. It is known to the people of Happy Happy Village as a "non-blue place". After learning the Sanctuary's melody, Ness envisions a baby in a red cap, presumably himself. It is inspired by the Lilliputians in the novel Gulliver's Travels.

Enemies Edit

Bosses Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike Giant Step and Lumine Hall, this one does not unlock a new place, and is possible to skip completely.
  • Due to the Mighty Bear and Mondo Mole, it is highly recommended that you don't come here at least until after you have Jeff, Paula at a decent level, and after the town of Threed cleared of zombies.

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