"I wish I could pound fate with this two-by-four..."
— Lighter

Lighter is a character in Mother 3. He is the father of Fuel and a close friend to Flint.


Lighter and his son reside in Sunshine Forest, just beyond Tazmily Village, and as such he is often seen carrying a large piece of lumber over his shoulder. He is injured during the Sunshine Forest's fire by the Fireflies, and is heavily bandaged until he helps move broken trees out of the way north of the forest.

Lighter is one of the last inhabitants of Tazmily not to migrate to New Pork City until the game's eighth and final chapter.


  • Lighter and his family all have names pertaining to fire in some manner.
  • Pictures of Earthbound 64 show Lighter and Fuel in a different way. They both wear hats, and Lighter only wears a vest, revealing his bare chest.
Earthbound 64 lighter and fuel

Lighter and Fuel as they appear in Earthbound 64.

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