"Adjective-wise, he's caught between his size and his age. It's all very confusing."
Battle Memory

The Li'l Big Bro is an enemy in Mother 3. It is a big, green, round creature, much bulkier and stronger than the Big Bro. They are found deep in Osohe Castle, principally in the underground dungeons.

Its attacks are extremely powerful when compared to Salsa's HP at the level which he encounters them. It can use three different standard attacks: punch for 11 to 13 damage, kick for 12 to 14 damage and tackle for 20 to 25 damage. It can also make a scary face, reducing Salsa's offense. Its battle theme is Dry Guys. Its name seems to imply it is the younger brother of Big Bro.

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 57 which falls under Code Numbers 930 for regular attack, 931 for Smaaaash! and 932 for Miss.