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Lesser Mook
Clay lesser mook
Sprites Lesser Mook
Relatives Mook, Oh-Mook, Department Store Spook, Mook Senior
Appears in EarthBound
Status Normal
Hit points 401
Psychic points 190
Offense 76
Defense 102
Speed 17
Guts 7
IQ 16
Experience reward 7640
Wealth $467
Vulnerable to PSI Fire
Location Winters
Dungeon Man

Lesser Mooks are enemies in EarthBound, and can be encountered in Winters once Jeff has joined Ness's party and oddly enough, in Dungeon Man. They look exactly like the Department Store Spook and the Mook Senior, save for their purple coloring. Lesser Mooks often appear with Wooly Shamblers and Whirling Robos, and can be dangerous due to the powerful PSI moves they wield, including PSI Fire α, PSI Freeze α, and the deadly PSI Freeze β. In addition, they are one of a handful of enemies that can Diamondize Ness's party members.

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