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Laugh! Be Happy!
Sound Player number 112
Code number 177

For Wess' version of this song, see Open Sesame Tofu!.

Laugh! Be Happy! is a song in Mother 3 that plays when Salsa performs the Osohe Dance in front of a sealed door. It is a more upbeat version of Open Sesame Tofu!.


Sound Player number 110
Code number 176

Before Salsa actually dances, a short tune named Dance! plays. This is basically the background beat for Laugh! Be Happy!.

What Happened?!Edit

What Happened?
Sound Player number 111
Code number 1549

If the player presses the wrong button, Salsa will start dancing, but not correctly. This will result in the door staying shut, and a severe electrocution from Fassad. When that happens, What Happened?! will play. It's just Laugh! Be Happy! gradually slowing down and fading out.

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