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For the Pig King Statue's appearance in the Super Smash Bros. series, see Porky Statue (Super Smash Bros. Brawl).
King Statue
Sprites KingStatue
Origin New Pork City
Affiliations Pigmask Army
Appears in Mother 3
Mother 3
Status Optional Boss
Level 99
Hit points 100,000,000
Offense 228
Defense 255
IQ 200
Speed 78
Experience reward 17586
Wealth 2400 DP
Vulnerable to New Year's Eve, sometimes PSI Flash
Location New Pork City
In-battle theme Piggy Guys
"A statue honoring Porky's greatness. In its right hand is a slingshot, and in its left is a comic book."
Battle Memory
"The smartest, bravest, and toughest chubster of all time. Here stands a statue of our great leader, Master Porky."
— Inscription on the statue

The King Statue is an optional superboss in Mother 3. It is a near-invincible statue in the likeness of Porky Minch, that can only be fought after Boney is found in New Pork City's sewers and rejoins Lucas' party.

In Mother 3Edit

The first time Lucas interacts with it, he simply reads the inscription on the statue. The second time it is read, Lucas gets the feeling that the statue is staring at him with intense hostility. The third time, Lucas is allowed to return the statue's feelings of hostility, causing the screen to shake and the King Statue to attack the party.

Boss BattleEdit

The statue has 100,000,000 hit points, but using the New Year's Eve reduces this amount to 1 (though it may turn out to be a useless dud), making it possible for Lucas and co. to defeat the King Statue in one or two hits. PSI Flash can also be used against the statue, but this technique is often ineffective during the battle. It gives more wealth than any other boss in the game. After defeating the King Statue, the man standing near the statue's pedestal will give Lucas and friends the Trivia Card 4 if he is talked to.

Creation and RelationsEdit

It is heavily implied that the King Statue is a satire of the real-life Statue of Liberty; not only do their respective locations differ by only a letter (New Pork City and New York City, respectively), but both stand on pedestals, wear a crown, are in the same position, and carry an item with great symbolism in each hand.

Boss Battle Game CrashEdit

People have tried to beat the King Statue without a New Year's Eve or PK Flash. Most are defeated long before the 100,000,000 hit points are gone. It is possible, though quite tedious, to defeat the statue through means other than the New Year's Eve and PSI Flash. However, cheats would be needed in order to survive the magnitude of King Statue's attacks.[citation needed]

In Super Smash Bros BrawlEdit

See Porky Statue

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