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Isn't This Such a Utopia?!
MOTHER 3- Isn't this such a Utopia?!02:34

MOTHER 3- Isn't this such a Utopia?!

Sound Player number 216
Code number 140

Isn't This Such a Utopia?! is a song in Mother 3 that plays in New Pork City. The music starts out as a weird march version of LOG-O-TYPE, then a carnival-like version of His Highness' Playroom, and ends with a section of the DCMC rendition of King P's theme. The song has a strange Porky-like quality to it.

In Super Smash Bros. BrawlEdit

One of the available songs in New Pork City is called Isn't it Utopia?!; it is effectively a higher quality version of the Mother 3 song. Interestingly, the sound test of the game calls it You Call This A Utopia?!. The song can be unlocked by picking up a random CD.


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