Iron Eraser

The Iron Eraser is an iron statue that blocks the way of Ness and co. in EarthBound. It can only be erased by the Eraser Eraser, and is only found in Stonehenge Base.

One later makes a cameo appearance in Mother 3, on display in the Empire Porky Building's Hall of Memories. However, it cannot be erased, and is only seen by Lucas and co. as their boat drifts by the pedestal it shares with an Iron Pencil.

In the Japanese version of each game, Iron Erasers were originally kokeshi dolls, a play on words due to the similarities in name with "kokeshi" and the Japanese term for eraser, "keshi", effectively making the Eraser Eraser the "Kokeshi Keshi". The change in localization was made to provide an easier play on words.

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