Intense Guys
MOTHER 3- Intense Guys02:10

MOTHER 3- Intense Guys

Sound Player number 140
Code number 408
Heartbeat code number 1708
Tempo 144 BPM
Enemies Elder Batty, Rhinocerocket, Wound-Up Road Hog

Intense Guys is a battle theme in Mother 3. It's normally played when battling against opponents that put up a good fight. It's first played when fighting against an Elder Batty. This composition is rather upbeat, and is consisted of trombones, drums and an organ. It's opening bears some resemblance to the Halloween theme.

Even More Intense GuysEdit

Even More Intense Guys
MOTHER 3- Even More Intense Guys02:16

MOTHER 3- Even More Intense Guys

Sound Player number 232
Code number 1408
Heartbeat code number 1808
Tempo 144 BPM
Other tempo 96 BPM for 2 beats at 0:19, 0:26, 0:34, 0:41, 0:48
Enemies Rhinocerocket Mark II

Even More Intense Guys is the harder version. It's pretty similar, but at certain points, a spastic sound plays and the rhythm plays slower. This plays when fighting the Rhinocerocket Mk. 2.

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