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The Insecticide spray is an item that appears in EarthBound. It can be bought for $19 from the Threed Drugstore, Saturn Valley Drugstore and Fourside Department Store. It can also be found in a garbage can in Threed, and in a gift box in Brick Road Maze.

In Earthbound Beginnings, it is known simply as Insecticide, and is reusable. It can be bought for $300 in the department stores of Podunk and Merrysville. It has a 12.5% chance of breaking after being used. The Super Spray is an improved version. There is only one in the game, found in a room in the Duncan Factory. Super Spray does not have a breakage chance, and is a very useful item within the Yucca Desert.[1]

In Mother 3, the Bug Spray performs the same function.


The insecticide spray is a one-use battle item that deals significant damage to a single insect-type enemy. In Earthbound Beginnings, it instantly kills all arthropod-based enemies on the battlefield, which include BionicCentis, BionicScorpsCentipedesFliesScorpionsSpiders and Tarantulas..



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