Hyper Spinning Robo
Hyper Spinning Robo
Sprites Diamond
Relatives Spinning Robo, Whirling Robo
Appears in EarthBound
Status Common
Hit points 553
Psychic points 83
Offense 122
Defense 130
Speed 28
Guts 5
IQ 12
Experience reward 28,866
Wealth $756.00
Drops Meteotite
Vulnerable to PSI Freeze
Location Lumine Hall

The Hyper Spinning Robo is an enemy that appears in EarthBound in the Lumine Hall. It is a more advanced, metallic pink version of the Whirling Robo. The Hyper Spinning Robo can still shoot beams at party members, and trades its cold-inducing beam for the ability to disrupt senses, which disables one party member's PSI abilities for a short time. It can also cast PSI Shield β on itself or its cohort.

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