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Hostile Elder Oak
Hostile Elder Oak
Sprites Tree Sprite
Relatives Territorial Oak
Appears in EarthBound
Status Common
Hit points 609
Psychic points 76
Offense 134
Defense 146
Speed 14
Guts 11
IQ 5
Experience reward 17567
Wealth $690.00
Drops Viper
Vulnerable to PSI Fire
Location Deep Darkness

The Hostile Elder Oak is an enemy encountered in EarthBound in the Deep Darkness area. It is an improved version of the Territorial Oak with purple leaves and a greener trunk. The Hostile Elder Oak attacks using both regular and PSI moves. Fortunately, the only PSI moves this creature knows are Brainshock α and PSI Magnet α. Its weakness is PSI Fire. Like the Territorial Oak, once defeated this beast will burst into flames causing damage to the party.

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