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Horseantula 1 Horseantula 2
Sprites Horseantula Sprite
Appears in Mother 3
Mother 3
Level 37
Hit points 458
Psychic points 60
Offense 116
Defense 57
IQ 27
Speed 47
Experience reward 352
Wealth 67
Drops Antidote (10% chance)
Vulnerable to PK Fire, PK Freeze, Crying
Location Murasaki Forest
In-battle theme Mambo de Battle Plus
"A drop kick from any one of its eight legs is intense. Its third leg from the right is World Cup class."
Battle Memory

The Horseantula is an enemy in Mother 3. It is a chimera created from a horse and a tarantula. They are most commonly found in Murasaki Forest.

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 33, which falls under Code Numbers 858 for regular attack, 859 for Smaaaash! and 860 for Miss.

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