Horn of Life
Appears in EarthBound
Type Food
Cost $1780
Sells for $890
Heals Most status ailments
Dropped from French Kiss of Death (2/128), Squatter Demon (2/128), Manly Fish's Brother (1/128)
Found Saturn Valley (EarthBound), Lost Underworld
Description Revives a friend who is unconscious. In addition, it also works well on poison, nausea, colds, sunstroke, falling asleep, uncontrollable crying, and feeling strange. This is effective when you have paralysis, or when you have been diamondized.

The Horn of Life is a healing item in EarthBound. It is rarely dropped by a few enemies, and can be purchased in Saturn Valley for $1780. The Horn of Life can cure a character's status conditions and revive a dead or diamondized party member to full HP, similar to PSI Healing Ω. Gone after one use.

Horns of Life are also used in Tenda Village as a form of currency there. One horn will get you a bread roll, two horns will get you some plain yogurt, and so on until trading seven horns, which will earn the player a Hall of Fame bat.

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