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Sprites Heftyhead Sprite
Appears in Mother 3
Mother 3
Level 52
Hit points 1864
Psychic points 380
Offense 172
Defense 88
IQ 88
Speed 40
Experience reward 2863
Wealth 312
Drops Mystical Stick 3%
Location Argilla Pass
In-battle theme Strong One
Its head is crammed with knowledge, such as insect and flower names and how much certain things cost. -Battle Memory

The Heftyhead is an enemy in Mother 3 which attacks either by causing shockwaves with its massive head, which affects the whole party, or by using a headbutt attack, which affects only one member. It occasionally wastes a turn stumbling, and can also use PSI Counter. It is weak to being turned around. Its battle theme is Strong One. It is also notable for its chance to drop a Mystical Stick, a considerably powerful weapon for Lucas.

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