Handsome Tom is an enemy in EarthBound. It looks like a purple, white-haired, white-pink-eyed marionette puppet boy wearing a purple-checkered shirt, crimson scarf, crimson pants and purplish-blue shoes, controlled by a white-pink glove. These enemies are first encountered in the first visit in Threed by Ness and Paula. It shares its overworld sprite with the Smilin' Sam, making it look far more like a real person before battle.

The standard attack of this enemy will deal moderate damage. It can utilize PSI Assists such as Brainshock α and Hypnosis α. It wastes its turns by reeling closer to Ness and co. It has a large amount of HP and defense.

This enemy can be grouped with Smilin' Sams and Trick or Trick Kids. Its in-battle theme is "Battle Against an Unsettling Opponent."