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"So big, it needs capital letters. When it rolls into a ball, its shape just begs for it to be dribbled."
Battle Memory
HUGE Pillbug
HUGE Pillbug Battle Front HUGE Pillbug Battle Back
Sprites HUGE Pillbug 1 HUGE Pillbug 2
Mother 3
Level 10
Hit points 60
Psychic points 0
Offense 35
Defense 20
IQ 10
Speed 1
Experience reward 30
Wealth 0 DP
Drops Nut Bread (30%)
Vulnerable to PK Freeze, PK Fire
Location Candrum Underpass
In-battle theme More Dangerous Guys

The HUGE Pillbug is an enemy in Mother 3. First found in the Candrum Underpass in Chapter 3 by Salsa and Fassad, it can be avoided by simply driving over it with the Pork Bean. It drops a Nut Bread 30% of the time.

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