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Gruff Goat
Sprites Gruff goat sprite
Hit points 45
Psychic points 0
Offense 8
Defense 23
Speed 12
Guts 0
Experience reward 20
Wealth $9
Location Northern Winters

The Gruff Goat is an enemy found in Earthbound. These big, brown, and white-bearded goats are located in Winters, Eagleland and is first encountered by Jeff and the Bubble Monkey. They have a terribly high offense and defense, but quite low HP.

Their "Ram and Trample" attack can deal moderate to high damage. The most feared attack is the "Tear into the Target", dealing very high to major damage. It is recommended the Jeff is having a constant supply of Bread Rolls and Cookies, to avoid instant death. After this enemy is defeated, it awards Jeff and co. with 20 EXP, drops $9, as well as a salt packet (16/128) a time.

Their in-battle theme is, "Battle Against a Weird Opponent."

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