Groucho 2
Sprites Groucho 3
Appears in EarthBound Beginnings
EarthBound Beginnings
Hit points 35
Psychic points 0
Offense 12
Defense 40
Fight 20
Speed 20
Wisdom 20
Strength 20
Force 20
Experience reward 3
(50 if Groucho walks away before it is defeated)
Wealth 12
Location Magicant
Magicant Underground
"If he was a mask, someone might mistake your identity!"
— Description

Grouchos (Bonus Swoosh in Mother), are enemies in EarthBound Beginnings. They are found in Magicant. They possesses a unique "attack" that goes as follows: "Groucho said "Hello", then just walked away. Don't know why, but (Party member)'s EXP increased." They give 50 EXP, which is more than is received by defeating the Groucho, with this move. However, the experience is only given to one member of the party rather than split among all the members.


Groucho's unique "attack"

Etymology Edit

The name of this enemy, as well as its appearance, is based on the comedian Groucho Marx. The say-hello-and-leave technique is also a reference to Animal Crackers, a Marx Brothers movie. In the movie Groucho sings a song called in which hes states, "Hello, I must be going."

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