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Greedy Mouse
Greedy Mouse In-Battle
Sprites Greedy Mouse Overworld
Mother 3
Hit points 86
Offense 47
Defense 16
IQ 15
Speed 22
Experience reward 35
Drops Peculiar Cheese (20%), Nut Bread (20%)
Location Sunshine Forest
In-battle theme Mambo de Battle
"An inability to share led to its battle with you. Teach it a lesson with a couple hits and hope that the little vermin leaves you a treat to snack on after the bout. Drops Peculiar Cheese (20%) / Nut Bread (20%)."
— The Mother 3 Guidebook
"This mouse squirrels away anything and everything, even burying its worries and responsibilities."
Battle Memory

The Greedy Mouse is an enemy in Mother 3 that is encountered in Sunshine Forest. It is much weaker than its stronger counterpart, the Greedier Mouse. They move rather quickly on the overworld, making them hard to avoid. They mainly attack by biting. Occasionally, when their HP is low, they'll eat the cheese they hold, regaining HP. It may waste a turn by hiding its cheese. They are not a threat unless encountered in groups.

They are also one of the few animal enemies that does not “become tame” when beaten - instead, it “was taught a lesson”.

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 20 which falls under Code Numbers 496 for regular attack, 497 for Smaaaash! and 498 for Miss.

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