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Greedier Mouse
Greedier Mouse
Appears in Mother 3
Mother 3
Status Enemy
Level 20
Hit points 140
Offense 70
Defense 21
IQ 8
Speed 29
Experience reward 60
Wealth 35 DP
Drops Peculiar Cheese (50%), Bag of Big City Fries (30%), Big City Burger (10%)
Vulnerable to Sleep, Fire
Location Club Titiboo Attic
In-battle theme Mambo de Battle

Greedier Mice are a type of enemy in Mother 3. They are similar to their weaker counterpart, the Greedy Mouse. They have a high smash ratio, and attack by biting. They can attempt to steal something, which often fails. They can be found in Club Titiboo's attic.

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 27 which falls under Code Numbers 517 for regular attack, 518 for Smaaaash! and 519 for Miss.

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