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Great Crested Booka
Great Crested Booka
Sprites Great Crested Booka's battle sprite
Relatives Crested Booka
Appears in EarthBound
Status Uncommon
Hit points 452
Psychic points 0
Offense 100
Defense 110
Speed 20
Guts 28
Experience reward 16365
Wealth $604
Drops Beef Jerky (2/128 chance)
Vulnerable to Hypnosis, PSI Freeze
Location Scaraba

The Great Crested Booka is the enhanced version of the Crested Booka in EarthBound. It appears in Scaraba. It can bash a character, charge forward for a stronger attack, shriek a war cry to decrease a character's Offense and Defense, or have a big grin on their face to waste a turn. They are weakest against Hypnosis, but they are completely immune to Brainshock. They drop a Beef Jerky 2/128 of the time.

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