Grated Yammonster
Grated Yammonster
Relatives Yammonster, Baked Yammonster
Appears in Mother 3
Mother 3
Status Enemy
Type Animal
Level 37
Hit points 387
Psychic points 255
Offense 94
Defense 43
IQ 45
Speed 35
Experience reward 422
Wealth 83
Drops Magic Tart (5%)
Vulnerable to PK Freeze, PK Fire, Brainshock
In-battle theme Back Beat Battle
"A rustic combination of a baked yam and a toy helicopter. It grates its body and sends gunk flying."
Battle Memory

Grated Yammonsters are enemies in Mother 3. They appear in Sunshine Forest, replacing the weaker incarnations of Yammonsters from Chapter 4 onward.

Grated Yammonsters have the appearance of a light-brown cactus with a propeller-like sprout on the head, striking a taunting pose. The Battle Memory states they are a combination of a baked yam and a toy helicopter, but they are not listed as chimeras.

Like their relatives, they do not roam, but they can rotate 360 degrees to always face the party; they also often guard unopened gift boxes.


Grated Yammonsters have a relatively high HP and Offense. They can cough up phlegm to solidify a target, and also wield PK Freeze β, which can potentially annihilate an unprepared/underleveled party. Their battle theme is the hard-to-combo Back Beat Battle.

Grated Yammonsters are extremely weak to PK Freeze, and they are vulnerable to PK Fire. They rarely drop a Magic Tart upon defeat.

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 22 which falls under Code Numbers 502 for regular attack, 503 for Smaaaash! and 504 for Miss.

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