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Going Alone
MOTHER 3- Going Alone(02:03)
Sound Player number 49
Code number 79

Going Alone is a song in Mother 3 that plays when Flint is going to Alec's log house during Chapter 1. The song's name derived from the fact that Flint goes there alone.

Happy Town?Edit

Happy Town?
Mother 3- Happy Town?(02:29)
Sound Player number 126
Code number 122

Happy Town? is a song that is played in Mother 3 in Tazmily Village after one of the villagers heard that Duster appears to be in the DCMC. It is played during Chapters 4, 5 and 7. It sounds very similar to Going Alone.

And Then There Were NoneEdit

And Then There Were None
MOTHER 3- And Then There Were None(03:16)
Sound Player number 206
Code number 20

And Then There Were None is a song that is played in Mother 3 after all the villagers from Tazmily Village have moved to New Pork City. It is a sad remix of Going Alone.

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