The Ghost of Starman is a powerful enemy found late in EarthBound in Onett and the Cave of the Past. It is a member of the Starman family, and is quite powerful. It appears to be a black and purple Starman with a pink aura. This enemy not only knows PK Starstorm α, but also PK Starstorm Ω. It may occasionally make a menacing smile before counting down from 3, 2, 1. When it reaches 1, it will use PK Starstorm again. It has a 1/128 chance of dropping the Goddess Ribbon, which is Paula's ultimate ribbon.

Ghosts of Starmen seem to serve as successors to the Blue Starmen in EarthBound Beginnings, as they are the second-strongest members of their species and attempt to prevent the protagonists from reaching the final area of the game.


  • Some believe that the Ghost of Starmen enemies are the same Starmen that Ninten defeated in EarthBound Beginnings.

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